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Sofa Cleaning Services In Pune

Revitalize your old sofa with our top-notch Sofa Cleaning service. We are the best service provider in Pune and nearby areas, and we specialize in removing stains and giving your sofa a fresh new look. Our team of experts will meticulously clean your sofa, leaving it odor-free and spotless. Book now and give your sofa the care it deserves.

Preserving and re-energizing furniture fibres and leather

Eco-friendly & pet and child-safe detergents

Stain treatment & odour removal

 Professional and reliable sofa cleaners 

Online rating

Stage 1

Dry Vacuuming of Sofa

Free upholstery of crumbs, hair, dirt & other particles.

Sofa Cleaning Process

Stage 2

Wet Shampooing and Scrubbing of Sofa

A generous amount of fabric cleaner is sprinkled to carry out gentle spot treatment on messy spills. Shampooing and scrubbing to clean any grime. (Fabric sofas only)

Stage 3

Wet Vacuuming

The sofa is dampened with to fight stains & dirt marks from within the strands of the fabric.

How our Sofa cleaning in Pune works


Book online



The appointment day

Inspection and cleaning


Amazing results

Easily schedule your sofa cleaning service online via online booking form or by a call.

A fully equipped sofa cleaner located near you will come to your address on the scheduled day and time.

Sofa cleaning professional will inspect your upholstery’s fabric and follow the most suitable cleaning method.

Final results -Your sofa is refreshed, odourless with revived colours and protected from future stains


Book online

Easily schedule your sofa cleaning service online via online booking form or by a call.

Why Choose Us For Sofa Cleaning Services in Pune 


Is your once-loved sofa and couch looking a little worse for wear? Stains, pet accidents, and everyday wear and tear can take a toll on your sofa. But before you resign yourself to replacing your favourite pieces, consider the power of professional sofa cleaning by MY Cleaning Services.

Here's why customers choose our professional sofa cleaning services:

Our scheduling options allows the customer to choose a time that best fits your schedule, ensuring a hassle free experience.


You can trust us to clean your sofa without harming the environment or compromising your sofa.


We value your time. Our team is dedicated to provide quick on time service without compromising the results.

With the help of state-of-the-art cleaning methods, we ensure a deep cleaning of the sofa.

Flexible scheduling

Enviromental friendly products

Quick, efficient and favoured service

Advanced cleaning techniques

Certified & fully insured upholstery and sofa cleaners

The local sofa cleaners are background-checked, well-trained and certified to clean different types of sofa.

Note :

  1. Additional charges will be applied for sofa cushions cleaning.

  2. Client needs to ensure availability of water and electricity supply.

  3. Client needs to inspect the work done by our professionals once confirmed no rework will be done.

  4. Client need not insist for scrubbing of sofa more then it required process as it might damage the fabric of sofa.

  5. Sofa will require 1-2 hrs of drying time and client can make use of it once it gets dry and not before that.

  6.  No gurantee for 100% stain removal, however our cleaning professional will try their best to remove the stains.


Professional cleaning staff : 1-2

Duration time: 1-2hrs

What Our Clients Say About Our Sofa Cleaning

online raring

Mahadev S.

5 star rating

I needed urgent sofa cleaning and they were very courteous to accept my request, the team was on time and did a great job all the sofa stains were removed. Satisfied with the work.

Riya G.

5 star rating

Highly recommended For Sofa Cleaning Service. They clean my dirty sofa that was not use from last 2 years. All the stains were removed completely.Thanks to MY CLEANING SERVICES.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Q: What sofa materials do you specialize in cleaning?

A: Our professional sofa cleaning team is equipped to clean a wide range of sofa materials, including fabric, leather, suede, and more. We tailor our cleaning methods to suit the specific needs of each material

Q: What sets your sofa cleaning services apart from others in Pune?

A: Our team combines expertise, top-notch equipment, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We strive to exceed expectations with every sofa cleaning service in Pune, providing a service that stands out in terms of quality and reliability.

Q: Are your sofa cleaning products safe for pets and children?

A: Yes, we use only eco-friendly and safe cleaning products. Our solutions are carefully chosen to ensure they are gentle on your furniture and safe for your family, including pets and children.

Q: Do I need to prepare my sofa before your cleaning service in Pune?

A: No, but we recommend removing any personal items or loose cushions from the sofa before our team arrives to facilitate a more efficient cleaning process.

Q: What areas in Pune do you serve for sofa cleaning services? A: We proudly serve various neighborhoods in Pune and nearby areas, ensuring that our sofa cleaning services are easily accessible to residents in and around the Pune city. Q: How long does the sofa cleaning process take? A: The duration of the sofa cleaning process depends on factors such as the size of the sofa and the extent of cleaning required. Q: Is your sofa cleaning service available in all areas of Pune? A: Yes, we cover various neighborhoods in Pune to make our sofa cleaning services accessible to a wide range of customers. Q: Do you provide same-day sofa cleaning services? A: Yes, we understand the urgency of clean sofa. Depending on availability, we offer same-day sofa cleaning services to our customers in Pune and nearby areas. Q: How long does a typical sofa cleaning take? A: The duration varies based on the size and condition of the sofa. Q: How can I schedule a sofa/upholstery cleaning service in Pune with your company? A: Scheduling is easy! Simply contact us via phone or use online platform to book your sofa/upholstery cleaning service. Q: Can your services remove tough stains from my Sofa and Upholstery? A: It is not guranteed, however our cleaning professionals will try their level best to remove the stains with the use of industry grade machines and cleaning chemicals.

Awards and Recognitions

MY cleaning services certification

Get Professional Sofa Cleaner Today!

Get the professional & reliable sofa cleaners near you

  • Trained, experienced and vetted sofa cleaners near you

  • Efficient, neat and polite

  • Handling your sofa and couch with extra care

  • Cleaning with high-end professional equipment and machinery

  • Skilled in applying the right cleaning detergents and method

  • Showing up on time and having a courteous demeanor

  • Many positive online reviews and feedback

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