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Kitchen Cleaning Services In Pune

Looking for a reliable and professional kitchen cleaning service in Pune? Look no further than MY Cleaning Services.Our specialized techniques are designed to remove even the most stubborn stains and leave your kitchen looking and feeling fresh. From cabinets to tiles to windows, we'll make sure every inch of your kitchen is cleaned to perfection.

      Have your kitchen deep cleaned the way you want it

                Seven-day availability and flexible time slots

               Eco-friendly, child and pet-safe cleaning products

               Competitive prices with no hidden charges

               Trained cleaning professionals

               Kitchen oil stain removal 

Kitchen cleaning services pune

How our kitchen cleaning in Pune works





Book your service

Book your kitchen cleaning service either online or over the phone.

The appointment day 

We will send a professional kitchen cleaner over who will bring with him all the needed cleaning equipment.

Have your kitchen cleaned

Your kitchen will then be

inspected  and deep-cleaned.

Enjoy cooking again

And you’re done!You’ll be able to use your kitchen as soon as the service is over.


Book your service

Book your kitchen cleaning service either online or over the phone.

What do you get with our kitchen cleaning in Pune

1. Declutter:

  • Start by removing any unnecessary items from your countertops, cabinets, and drawers.

  • Dispose of expired or unused food items.

2. Remove Everything:

  • Empty cabinets, drawers, and the refrigerator. Wipe down the interior of these spaces.

  • Take out removable parts of appliances (like oven racks, refrigerator shelves) for individual cleaning.

3. Appliances:

  • External cleaning of all appliances, including the microwave, oven, stovetop, toaster, and coffee maker.

  • Pull out the refrigerator and clean behind and underneath it.

4. Cabinets and Drawers:

  • Wipe down the inside and outside of cabinets and drawers.

  • Remove stubborn oil stains from kitchen trolleys.

  • Scrubbing of kitchen shelves and trolleys using stain remover chemical and wipe out with clean micro fiber duster to give clean and shining look for the cabinets and kitchen trolleys.

  • Remove lower layers of kitchen trolleys for ease access and cleaning the lower floor tiles. 

5. Countertops:

  • Clean countertops using an appropriate cleaner for the material (e.g., granite, laminate).

  • Pay attention to corners and edges.

6. Sink and Faucet (tap fittings):

  • Scrub the sink with a mild abrasive cleaner.

  • Clean the faucet and handles.

8. Floor:

  • Sweep and mop the floor thoroughly, manually scrubbing the floor tiles area in kitchen floor and clean with water using floor duster.

9. Windows and Window Sills:

  • Clean windows and window sills.

10. Dust and Cobwebs:

  • Dust all surfaces, including light fixtures, ceiling corners, and vents.

  • Check for cobwebs and remove them.

Cleaning Professionals:  2 Staff

Duration : 2-3hrs

Why choose us for kitchen deep cleaning

Kitchen cleaning.webp

  • All cleaning professionals are fully trained and background checked.

  • We use only certified cleaning solutions.

  • Completely safe and eco-friendly kitchen cleaning service.

  • We offer full coverage of all areas in Pune and nearby areas.

  • Our service is available 24/7 365 days a year with no extra charge on bank holidays or weekends

  • Complete oil stain removal

What customers say about our kitchen cleaning 

online rating

Imran K.

5 star rating

I called them for kitchen cleaning services, the team was quick yet thorough, they cleaned each and every corner. Would highly recommend them.

Sandeep M.

5 star rating

MY CLEANING SERVICES did an outstanding job, in cleaning kitchen. The staff was professional, and the service was on time.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ's

Q: How do I schedule a kitchen cleaning appointment in Pune?

A: You can easily schedule an appointment through our website or by contacting us by call.

Q: How often should I get my kitchen professionally cleaned?

A: We recommend scheduling our services at least once 2 months for optimal kitchen hygiene as it is used daily However, frequency can vary based on usage and cooking habits.

Q: Do you offer any discounts or packages for recurring services?

A: Yes, we have special packages and discounts for recurring kitchen cleaning services. Check our website, whatsapp status for the latest promotions or contact us for more details.

Q: Can you clean appliances like ovens and microwaves?

A: Absolutely. Our kitchen cleaning service includes the external cleaning of all appliances, including ovens, microwaves, and other kitchen gadgets.

Q: What areas in Pune do you cover for your kitchen cleaning service?

A: We provide kitchen cleaning services in Pune and nearby areas, ensuring a comprehensive reach to all neighbourhoods and localities

Q: Are your cleaning products safe for my kitchen surfaces?

A: Yes, we use eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that are effective yet gentle on various kitchen surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean without causing any damage.

Awards and Recognitions

MY cleaning services certification
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