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 mattress cleaning service in Pune

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Our mattress cleaning services in Pune are provided by a team of experienced employees. They are well trained, certified and able to work with the most advanced machineries or dry cleaning equipment. You can be sure that your home mattresses can be cleaned to look like new. Whenever you wonder whether a stain can be removed from your bed, call the MY Cleaning Services crew!

mattress cleaning in pune
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Stage 1

Dry Vacuuming of Mattress

Free upholstery of crumbs, dust, hair, dirt & other particles.

Mattress Cleaning Process

Stage 2

Wet Shampooing and Scrubbing 

A generous amount of mattress cleaner is sprinkled to carry out gentle spot treatment on messy spills. Shampooing and scrubbing to clean any grime. 

Stage 3

Wet Vacuuming

The mattress is dampened with to fight stains & dirt marks from within the strands of the mattress.

How our mattress cleaning in Pune works





Book your service

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Finish your booking

Fill out the online booking form. You can also call or whatsapp us and book the mattress cleaning service!

Specify the type, size and condition of your mattress. If there are any stains, let us know if they’ve been pretreated.

Choose a suitable time slot! Our schedule is flexible – we work 7 days a week, including on public holidays!

And you’re done! You can now relax and wait for our professional cleaners to come and do their amazing job!


Book your service

Fill out the online booking form. You can also call or whatsapp us and book the mattress cleaning service!

Why choose our professional mattress cleaning

Our cleaning services are easy to schedule, and you’ll get a team of professional cleaners equipped with the industry grade vaccum machines  and eco-friendly solutions. Our reasonable prices are among the most competitive in Pune. Here are some of the benefits of booking your mattress cleaning service with MY Cleaning Services:

  • 7 days bookings availability

  • Advance stain removal

  • Professional industry grade equipment

  • Certified and experienced cleaning professionals

  • Clean stains from delicate rug and carpet

  • Flexible booking arrangements

  • On time service

  • Use of Eco-friendly cleaning products/chemicals

Here are some of the benefits of booking your mattress cleaning service :

Our Mattress cleaning method effectively removes a range of stains from your mattress, including:

  • Bad Odour

  • Sweat

  • Oil 

  • Drinks

  • Food

Note :

  1. Client needs to ensure availability of water and electricity supply.

  2. Client needs to inspect the work done by our professionals, once confirmed no rework will be done.

  3. Client need not insist for scrubbing more then it required process as it might damage the fabric of mattress.

  4. Mattress will require 1-2 hrs of drying time and client can make use of it once it gets dry and not before that.

  5.  No gurantee for 100% stain removal, however our cleaning professional will try their best to remove the stains.

What clients say about our mattress cleaning service

Smyth D.

5 star rating

Have recetly taken the service for cleaning mattress. Service is really good. No hassle. Just call them, set appointment and they wil what's app you with timing. Came on time as requested. Polite and did a good job. Good customer service.

Alfiya G.

5 star rating

Very happy with the service provided... punctuality was the key..even the workers were very cooperative.. highly recommended

online rating


Q: How often should I get my mattress cleaned?

A: We recommend getting your mattress professionally cleaned at least twice a year. However, if there are specific issues like stains or allergies, more frequent cleaning may be beneficial.

Q: How long does the mattress cleaning process take?

A: The duration depends on the size of the mattress and the extent of cleaning required. Typically, it takes approximately 2-4 hours for the entire process, including drying time.

Q: Is the mattress cleaning process safe for my mattress and health?

A: Yes, our cleaning methods are safe for mattresses and pose no health risks. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, ensuring a healthy sleeping environment for you and your family.

Q: Do I need to remove the mattress from my bed before cleaning?

A: No, our professional team will take care of moving the mattress if needed. We aim to make the cleaning process as convenient as possible for our clients.

Awards and Recognitions

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